Some Recent Testimonials on Ken’s Kickin’ Chicken Yummies
Roi Doherty “Had your chicken pot pie tonight for dinner O M G!!!! fantastic!!! loved every bite!!!”
Donna Saxonis “Thanks Ken, Ordered food for a 50th Birthday….the food was just FABULOUS! No more cooking on Thanksgiving…Going to Ken’s!”
John Roth “We (Salem Fire Dept.) had the chicken pot pie w/ veggies and a buffalo chicken pot pie and both were awesome! No leftovers here!”
Lesley Andrews Bennett  “We got a pie last week and I grabbed some squash while I was there .. So amazing were gonna try something new every time we come in .. If you haven’t had a stuffing pie,  you should run right now and get one .. You will never be the same after!!”
Jay Unruh “We’re still workin’ in Wyoming…getting down in the thirties here at night….send me a couple pot pies!!!….. I can smell them from here!!”
Mary Ann Mansfield Berman “Ken’s Kickin’ Chicken is Kickin’!!! We had the chicken pie with stuffing, gravy, squash, candied carrots, cranberry sauce and cornbread. Wow, can’t wait to try the rest of the menu 🙂 “
Lennie Papalardo “Stopped by and got a meatloaf dinner, to die for, along with a onion soup, and of course had to pick up a famous homemade chicken pot pie with stuffing and carrots and peas, the real thing, great place…”
Steve Thompson “Pies were a big hit this weekend… I’ll now be taking big orders so next time I’ll call in advance!!!” Steve
Ann McGhee Bordeianu “I brought 3 pies to NY with me last weekend for my dad. He served one last night to his special fiancé……He was a hero….She loved it! Thanks Kenny!!!”
Kathy Michaud “Tried your chick parm the other night and it was delicious. Will be back for more.”
Pauline Adams Riley “Just finished eating a crab roll….and I must say it was AWESOME! Can’t wait to try the lobster.”
Nancy Keiver Goodrow “OMG! Ken’s Kickin’ Chicken is delicious…..I have had their chicken pot pies, shepherds pies and chicken, ziti, broccoli dish. All amazing. You have to try it out.”
Kathy French “Chicken marsala was delicious!!”
Roberta Seymour “We had a chicken pot pie with stuffing last night…unbelievable!!”