About Us


kickinThe secret to our success is simple; we teach our chickens Kung fu.

We also listen to our customers, use only the best of ingredients, quality products, and adopt and attitude of honesty and compassion with our customers and our food.

No matter what type or size function you are planning to have, there will be a host of decisions and details that must be made for the event to be perfect. What style of dining should it be? What kind of meal should I serve to please my guests? How many courses should be served? Is there a particular theme to the occasion? How much can I afford to spend?

In selecting Ken Rothwell, your worries are eliminated. As caterers we believe that you should be a guest at your event and not be busy with the details of running your event. We listen to our clients and execute their wishes. Our catering staff is experienced and trained to be detail oriented, attentive, and professional. . . And we don’t Cluck Around!